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SchoolUniforms2Go is owned and run by Sam Dale and Son Ltd; a family run business and something of an institution for the small village of Holmes Chapel. Established in 1927 we have witnessed generations grow up and have families of their own. All the while our services have expanded to further serve the inhabitants of Holmes Chapel.

We have long owned a successful school uniforms shop which provides approved school uniforms, sportswear and accessories (socks, bags, etc.) for all the local schools. As a complement to our store we decided to set up SchoolUniforms2Go in order to provide a comprehensive and convenient way to order school uniforms. We work closely with all schools concerned to ensure our available clothing is always up to date.

For the most part we are dedicated to providing good quality products. Children are notorious for growing fast and being active, their school uniforms, therefore, need to keep up. We aim to provide clothing which is hardwearing, easy to clean and will last for as long as your child can wear it. We also realise the importance of good value for money and as such tailor our prices to realistically reflect the needs of the average family.

We can help you to spread the cost

By visiting our conveniently located shop in the centre of Holmes Chapel we may be able to help you to spread the cost or assist in your individual needs.

Sam Dale and Son Ltd

The Forge
12 Macclesfield Road
Holmes Chapel

Tel:01477 532 258

If you would prefer to visit our shop we are open:

Monday – Friday 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Saturday – 9.00 am – 4.00 pm
Sunday – Closed

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